Monday, June 15, 2009

Sneak Previewed

In this current economic climate it's a good idea to spend wisely. So, in the interest of good consumerism and lets face a worthy excuse to tell you about some new music. I'd like to direct your attention to three new and upcoming releases that you can check out right now before you plunk down your hard earned cash.

Son Volt- American Central Dust (Rounder)
[MP3/Stream] Down to The Wire
[MP3/Stream] Cocaine and Ashes (via Spinner)

On July 7th Jay Farar will release his 6th album with Son Volt and the 2nd since rebuilding the band in 2004. According to the press release issued by the bands label, American Central Dust recalls the sparkling melodies and country twang found on the band debut release, Trace. Based on the tracks I've heard I have to agree with that comparison. A return to form? I'm not ready to make that statement just yet, lets just say I'm eager to hear more.

Wye Oak - The Knot (Merge)
The Knot Preview @ the Merge Shop

On July 21st Wye Oak will release their 2nd LP, The Knot. You can expect a more refined sound from Jenn Wasner and Andy Stack this time around while still maintaining their droning Americana. If you were lucky enough to be in the crowd at last months show at T.T. The Bears you already know how strong the new material found on The Knot is, and if not you need to introduce yourself to Wye Oak immediately.
Double Dagger -More (Thrill Jockey)
The More Preview @ Thrill Jockey

I thought I'd finish up by calling your attention to an LP that's already on the shelf at your favorite record shop. More is the 3rd full length from Baltimore's art punks, Double Dagger. It's another dose of drum and bass cacophony that features the bands strongest material to date. More was recorded on the fifth floor of an abandoned office building that was scheduled to be demolished, a perfect setting for their ambitious and raw sound.

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