Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Zero to 99 [MP3]

Boston Spaceships return on October 6th with their third release, Zero to 99 out on Guided By Voices, Inc. The album is being hyped as "Robert Pollard's most relentlessly hook-laden, pop punk record since GBV's classic Alien Lanes".

I just had my first listen to a track just posted for download over at robertpollard.net. I'll try to temper my excitement and fandom of all things Pollard. All I'll say is that the above statement is spot on. Look for some rare tracks from the Suitcase releases to get the Boston Spaceships full band treatment on Zero to 99 as well as a wealth of new pop gems from Pollard, Moen, and Sluserenko. Trashed Aircraft, indeed.

[MP3/Stream] Boston Spaceships - Question Girl All Right

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