Friday, May 7, 2010

This Weeks Short Bursts

On June 15th the Pernice Brothers will release Goodbye, Killer the first album Joe Pernice has released under the Pernice Brothers name since 1996's Live A Little. Team Pernice kicked promotions for the forthcoming opus off last week by offering the rockin' Jacquelin Susann for free download. As if that wasn't enough, just yesterday they added three more of the albums tracks, available for your streaming pleasure to the Pernice Brothers site.

If you pre-order the album by June 1st you'll receive an autographed copy of Pernice to Me the new book by Joe Pernice and Joyce Linehan which chronicles the twitterings between the two over the past two years.

[Stream] Goodbye, Killer Preview
Something For You
Newport News

[MP3] Pernice Brothers - Jacqueline Susann

Pre-order Goodbye, Killer

This week was a pretty damn good one release wise, among several other high profile releases we the saw the release of album number 28 from Mark E. Smith and his latest incarnation of The Fall. Your Future Our Clutter, the bands first record for new label Domino finds Smith as cantankerous as ever , albeit a bit more rejuvenated thanks in part to a top notch band he's assembled for the 2nd straight record. Check the bands new video below wich features extreme close ups of Mark E. Smith, so you may not want to watch this alone.

The Fall - Bury Pts. 2+4

Buy Your Future Our Clutter at Domino Mart.

We've been totally sucked in and bowled over by Cracked Love & Other Drugs, the second full length from Seattle's Unnatural Helpers. Font man and lone consistent member Dean Whitmore leads UH through 15 songs in just over 25 minutes with not a second of the album wasted. Looking for a no frills noisy pop record filled with one great moment after another? Mr. you just found it.

The album was recorded over the span of a week with The Fastbacks' Kurt Bloch handling production duties for the band and was released earlier this week by Hardly Art.

[MP3] Unnatural Helpers - Girl In The Window
[MP3] Unnatural Helpers - Sunshine/Pretty Girls

Buy Cracked Love & Other Drugs via the bands label, Hardly Art

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