Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Superchunk Live on TV and in Boston Tonight!

We couldn't be more excited for tonight's Superchunk show at Royale in Boston. To get us primed the band played two songs on last nights episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, so we've taken the liberty of posting videos for those two tracks above. The Mountain Goats king pin, John Darnielle joins the band for Digging For Something off the just issued Majestry Shredding and the Chunk destroy Precision Auto in a web exclusive that we nicked off the Fallon site.

According to Royale tickets for the show are still available through their ticketing outlet and they also will be available at the club tonight at 7PM. Did we forget to mention that Versus is opening? Also if you feel like leaving the opportunity to catch these two incredible bands to chance, you can register to win a pair of tickets from one of our favorite blogs Bradley's Almanac. FYI the contest ends at noon today, so get on it! Either way we'll see you there.

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