Friday, September 17, 2010

Reviewed :: Boston Spaceships
Our Cubehouse Still Rocks

I know what you're thinking, another Robert Pollard related review on the pages of The Ash Gray Proclamation. Well, although factually correct this my friends is far from just another review of the Fading Captain. First let me set this up by saying that yes, I am one of those obsessive buy every release fans. However I am not one who arbitrarily gives every release a 5 star review. For instance I'm still trying to digest and come to terms with Pollard's last LP, Moses on a Snail. That being said the ratio of great to skippable material coming out of his Northridge, OH home base is still off the charts. Even so, when the man completely knocks me on my ass like he's done with Our Cubehouse Still Rocks, the fourth LP with Boston Spaceships I feel obligated to shout the good news from the nearest rooftop.

Our Cubehouse Still Rocks is the fifth release from Pollard, Chris Sluserenko (GBV),and John Moen (The Decemberists)in just under two years. The new offering finds the trio picking up where last years spectacular, Zero to 99 (#1 on our 2009 list) left off with fists in the air,charging guitar lines and drum fills that would make Keith Moon proud. The first thing you'll notice on Our Cubehouse Still Rocks is how strong the songs are. Track Star opens the album with some Pollard rambling but quickly kicks into gear with building power pop and an unforgettable chorus that will linger long after the track ends. Elsewhere Pollard resurrects Unshaven Bird from GBV's Suitcase: Failed Experiments and Trashed Aircraft with stunning results and on Airwaves, Boston Spaceships deliver a Bowie-esque romp, that would makeThe Thin White Duke jealous.

I've been listening to the record pretty much non-stop since it was released last week on Pollard's Guided By Voices, Inc. imprint and I've come to the opinion that this is the most accessible and enjoyable record Pollard has released since he disbanded Guided By Voices in 2004. Our Cubehouse Still Rocks is a triumph and flawless rock record, not mention a pure joy to listen to.

Maybe you're holding a ticket to the upcoming GBV reunion tour but you haven't been keeping up with the onslaught of Pollard releases? You my friend owe it to yourself to spend some quality time with Our Cubehouse Still Rocks. Boston Spaceships will not be denied.

Boston Spaceships - Come On Baby Grace

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