Friday, March 25, 2011

Reviewed :: The Grownup Noise - This Time With Feeling

Boston's baroque pop stalwarts, The Grownup Noise are poised to celebrate the release of their second long player, This Time With Feeling on Saturday with an impressive line up at The Middle East. More on that in a bit. First allow us to provide the obligatory back story. The Grownup Noise formed in 2005 after Adam Sankowksi (bass/vocals) and Paul Hansen (guitar/vocals) paths crossed while attending Berklee College of Music. They released their self titled debut in 2007 and now four years later the band are about to drop This Time With Feeling. The album was recorded in and around New England and according to the press released some of the albums vocals were tracked in Hansen's bathroom. The album was mixed in North Carolina by studio engineer/producer Scott Solter (The Mountain Goats/Spoon), who also provides additional instrumentation to several of the albums tracks.

For the past several weeks I've been struck by the simple beauty of This Time With Feeling. From the very first listen I connected immediately with lyrical imagery of looking back on our youth as well as to present, to the struggles or adulthood. There's something incredibly honest and comfortable about these songs, something almost familiar. The albums rich textures are in large part due to each member being a gifted multi-instrumentalist, it's also what gives the album a true collaborative feel. on This Time.., the Grownup Noise deftly tread the line between Folk and Americana to reveal 12 complex and engaging pop songs. Some of our favorite moments come when Paul Hansen's croon is complemented by the angelic voice of Katie French(cello) on a handful of the albums tracks. With the should be hit single Just So You Know as well as our personal favorite Six Foot Solemn Oath, The Grownup Noise have issued a record that's both irresistible and eclectic, not to mention completely addicting from the very first listen.

We are pleased to be able to offer up a pair of tickets to The Album Release Show that also features, Kingsley Flood, Spouse, & Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons at The Middle East as well as two copies of the new album. Yes, you and your +1 will both get a copy of This Time With Feeling. If you wish to enter, just send an e-mail to with The Grownup Noise in the subject line. Due to the show being tomorrow we will announce our winner today at 5PM. Good Luck

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