Thursday, March 24, 2011

Transmissions :: Double Dagger

Whenever we get the opportunity to share anything from the world of Baltimore's Post-Hardcore wizards Double Dagger, we jump at the opportunity. This video was shot a couple of nights ago by a fan named Rob Brulinski. That same evening an other fan reportedly not Rob shot video with the web cam on his Macbook. Why haven't we attempted this yet? Probably because we're not sure how we'd explain our laptop being smashed to bits to our bosses and significant others. If you're looking for a crystal clear recording of this band, look elsewhere. However if you would like to witness the glorious chaos of a Double Dagger show, look no further.

*Not recommended for those prone to motion sickness


rob said...

I did not shoot this with a macbook camera, that was a different person. I shot this with a Flip UltraHD camera! The laptop person was begging for his shit to be smashed.

Rob Brulinski

Bryan Hamill - Executive Editor said...

Thanks for the clarification Rob!
We love the video either way.