Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forthcoming :: Age Rings - Black Honey

age rings promo
Last spring Boston's indie pop outfit, Age Rings self-released their expansive sophomore LP, Black Honey. It's an ambitious move for a young band to release a sprawling conceptual album into a world of fickle blog hype (guilty), free MP3's, and our ever shortening attention spans. Over the past few months we've become well acquainted with Black Honey and it's intellectual and charming pop songs, so it was a pleasure to hear that the album will be released by Midriff Records on November 5th. Black Honey's original 22 tracks have been paired down to 14 for the release. The new concise version of the album will offer an easier to digest listen, while maintaining the records stark themes and cohesive structure. Not to mention a leaner and meaner Age Rings.

Age Rings will celebrate the re-release of Black Honey when they play The Brighton Music Hall with Mean Creak, You Can Be A Wesley, and Young Adults at Brighton Music Hall on October 21st.

Rock and Roll Is Dead by Age Rings

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