Sunday, December 1, 2013

New Music Hour on 95.9 FM WATD vol.1

Last Friday, The Ash Gray Proclamation and 95.9 FM WATD joined forces for the debut of the New Music Hour that will be airing during The Alternative with Chris Atwood, on the last Friday of every month. I brought in some new tracks that have been dominating my listening as of late, which included amoung other things, an unearthed track from Hallelujah The Hills that as far as I can tell, few had heard until now as well as new tracks from Calories and Joanna Gruesome. The playlist is below with the linkage.. We chatted a bit about the impending Ash Gray Proclamation Presented: For All Good Kids, Toys For Tots Benefit show which will take place next Saturday Dec 7th at The New World Tavern in Plymouth.

Krill - Theme From Krill from Lucky Leaves
Streaming and available for purchase at the Krill Bandcamp site.

Black Hearted Brother - This Is How It Feels from Stars Are Our Home
Available at Slumberland Records.

28 Degrees Taurus - From Part To Part
Available as a free download via Bandcamp.

Guillermo Sexo - Carried A Golden Heart from Dark Spring
Streaming at Bandcamp and available for purchase over at Midriff Records.

Beach Fossils - Careless from Clash The Truth
Stream at Soundcloud and order the LP at Captured Tracks.

The Hush Now - Rooftops from Memos
Available as a free download at The Hush Now's Bandcamp page.

Calories - Mausoleum from then newly released III
Avaiable as a pay what you want offer at the Calories Bandcamp page.

Slowdim - Take Your Only Heart That Is Soley Free (Demo)
Available for free at Soundcloud .

Joanna Gruesome - Tugboat (Galaxie 500 cover) from the Sugarcrush single.
Available at Slumberland Records.

Hallelujah The Hills - Highschoolvania (Unreleased)
Visit HTH's Bandcamp page for streaming and purchases.

In the event that you missed this weeks debut broadcast you can stream it via CPS Productions.

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