Friday, July 18, 2008

The Mats Re-issues
This week had me under the grip of my corporate headquarters complete with a visit from my the bosses bosses boss. So I thought I'd take some time and pay attention to The Replacemtents related news and activities that came to light this week. During the last few days I stumbled upon details on the upcoming Replacements re-issues as well as Paul Westeerberg's plan to release new music tomorrow!

Let's start with news on re-issues from our beloved Replacements. On September 23rd Rhino will be releasing remastered and expanded editions of The Replacements major label releases. As they did back in April with the Twintone albums, each of there four Sire full lengths come complete with a bunch of bonus tracks.

Here's the breakdown on the extras:

Can't Hardly Wait (acoustic, Alex Chilton sessions outtake)
Nowhere Is My Home (Alex Chilton sessions outtake) [bonus track]
Can't Hardly Wait (electric, Alex Chilton sessions outtake)
Kiss Me on the Bus (Tom Erdelyi demo) [previously unreleased]
Waitress in the Sky (outtake, alternate version) [previously unreleased]
Here Comes a Regular (outtake, alternate version) [previously unreleased]

Please To Meet Me
Birthday Gal (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Valentine (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Bundle Up (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Photo (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Election Day [bonus track]
Alex Chilton (alternate version) [previously unreleased]
Kick It In (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Route 66 [bonus track]
Tossin' 'N' Turnin' [bonus track]
Can't Hardly Wait (alternate version) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Cool Water [bonus track]

Don't Tell A Soul
Portland [bonus track]
Wake Up [bonus track]
Cruella DeVille [bonus track]
Talent Show (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
We'll Inherit the Earth (mix 1) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Date to Church [ft. Tom Waits] [bonus track]
We Know the Night (outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Gudbuy T' Jane (Slade cover) (outtake) [previously unreleased bonus track]

All Shook Down
When It Began (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Nobody (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
One Wink at a Time (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Torture (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Attitude (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Happy Town (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Tiny Paper Plane (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Sadly Beautiful (demo) [previously unreleased bonus track]
Kissin' in Action [bonus track]
Ought to Get Love [bonus track]
Satellite [bonus track]

Paul Westerberg will be making some new music available to you on the cheap. 49 minutes of music for $0.49. You can download this new music tomorrow 7/19 at Paul's official site Man Without Ties. In a recent interview with Filter he explained how he came to deliver a bunch a songs to his manager " I did give at least 60 songs to my manager, Darren. I was at the point where I had to give them to someone or I was going to start erasing them. If I drop dead, he's got, like, five albums in the can."

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